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Founded on March 18,1997, Shanghai Kaili Amusements Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd is a non-state-owned shareholding enterprise. The company is producing “Longma” brand skating shoes, figure skates, Fanying Karts, double-seat Karts with 80% domestic market share. Moreover, the engines, tyres and hubs as well as the clutch assemblies for the Karts are also produced for spare parts. 80% of our products are sold in USA, Canada, Malaysia, Ukraine and the Middle-East countries and Taiwan area. Worldwide purchasers are warmly welcome to the international metropolis-Shanghai for the skates.
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    Bullfight game machine, once fashionable in US and Europe, come to China in just 30 days. Computerized control with howling of the bull and the music of Spanish Gypsy Dance provokes your excitement and simulates the bull swinging from the left to the right, hopping up and down, exciting and breathtaking. You may not tear yourself away and the lookers-on can't help going in for a try. It offers great thrills especially for the youngsters of the twenty first century.


Safety protection: 2-3 inches thick foam mat around bullfight game machine to ensure the safety even if you fall from the bull back to the foam mat which is only 1.2 meters high. Safe enough!

Charge Rate: only 5-10 RMB for one game in 3-5 minutes. Game ends when you fall from the bull back.(generally the fall occurs in around two minutes).

Business condition: movable, 10 square meters floor (in park, fun fair, shopping center, cinema gateway etc.)

Profit analysis: business open for two hours per day, 5-10RMB per person for a game, generally income for one hour is up to 300-600 RMB. How about two hours? What if it is a holiday? Profit jacks up? Your investment returns in just half a month and profit within the month-not a daydream. An exclusive run may make more profit, if you like.


Bullfight machine
Bullfight machine
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